What is Data Visualisation?

Data visualisation is the process of describing information through visual rendering.  Data visualisation allows for universal and immediate insight by tapping into our mind’s powerful visual processing system.

Why is Data Visualisation Important?

Technological advances have made data visualisation more important and powerful than ever before, increasing the importance of business intelligence. Tableau leads the world in making the data visualisation process available to business users of every background and industry. Businesses around the globe realize that the ability to visualise data effectively leads directly to better understanding, insight and better business decisions.

Tableau Software enables businesses to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape and outperform competitors through an adaptive and intuitive means of visualising their data.


What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the most effective data visual tools that enables the organizations to represent the data in a more comprehensive and understandable format. It has proved its efficiency in the market by being at par with the previous tools used for analyzing the visual data. With the help of tableau, one can compare, contrast their innumerable data. It has excelled with the previously used Data analytical tool (Qlink).Which was proved in Business Intelligence report BI13. Tableau is taking over the market slowly due to its unique and unmatched quality of just copying and pasting the data, and generating the huge and innumerable reports with in no time. And hence, this’s working towards the organizational development and achievement of goals for business firms.


Tableau is a unique visual analytical tool helpful in simplifying the huge/complex data into the readable & understandable format. It is being adapted by most of the business sectors these days for its ease to use and instant result orientation quality. It has become easier for the organizations achieve their goals & objectives with the help of tableau. Due to its unmatched quality of making things easier, it has become more popular among the business industry so far and years to come.










Tableau connects easily to nearly any data source, be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data. Tableau allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualisations called dashboards. This process takes only seconds or minutes rather than months or years, and is achieved through the use of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

Tableau helps users to visualyze and understand data. By providing a new revolutionary approach to BI Solution, Tableau allows you to quickly connect, visualize, and share data with a seamless experience from PC to ipad. After designing beautiful dashboards, publish and share them with colleagues, end users, partners, or customers.

Why to use Tableau?

Tableau Reporting solution achieves the needs of our clients by being able to quickly and effortlessly address several common core areas that other enterprise tools fail to provide:

1.Pre-built data connectors from flat files to cloud based databases.

2.Drag/drop analysts can literally drag and drop fields(dimensions and measures) on to the report design canvas and reports are instantly created.

3.Visibility visual pop is lacking in virtually every enterprise tool. The ability to change layout, colours, alignments can be done quickly and easily in tableau whereas other tools require custom code or deep navigation to hidden property settings.

4.Interactivity reports can be easily linked to filter data intelligently, without the need to specifically define the filter criteria or custom code.

5.Portability data can be extracted and packaged so that no live data connection is required to build reports on the go.

6.Blending the ability to bring in and link data from different data sources can be performed on the fly.

7.Collaboration reports can be easily accessed and shared with team collaborators.

8.Maintenance guaranteed yearly enhancements ensure that the business reporting needs will continously improve each year.

9.Online help extensive availability for formal tableau documentation of best practices and quick & free access to sample reports through Tableau Public.



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